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Two Cents Review: Raw March 6, 2023

Reminder-this is simply my opinions. Also, shout out to my fellow host, Vito who was lucky enough to attend this show in Boston.

The show started hot with KO and Solo. They have good chemistry in the ring. Man, Sami’s new gimmick is running in from the crowd, he’s a ninja. I really like the continual teasing of Owens and Zayn reuniting. The story between the two has been very well done in the months leading up, both giving stellar performances exemplifying the complexity of a bond that was broken, and navigating how to piece together the relationship after such a strong betrayal and quite frankly denial of Zayn until the incident at the Rumble. The pop from the crowd will be next level when they inevitably embrace.

I like Lashley, I hope his match with Wyatt is better received than his match with LA Knight.

I can’t say enough how much I like Chelsea Green on WWE TV. This is a comedy character who is actually funny to me. Not hating the Carmella team up either. Green sold that mist like a champ. I’m so ready for Asuka and Bianca to hook it up in the ring. It’s such an interesting matchup.

This KO/Zayn backstage segment is good storytelling. More of the complications and fallout from Sami’s own actions over the last few months. It actually makes sense for Kevin to be so apprehensive to teaming with him again.

Well damn, solid sizzle reel for Rhea Ripley.

Boston loving Rollins tonight. It’s hysterical how much they hate Logan Paul, love to see a celebrity get nuclear heat for simply existing. To be fair he has that face you just want to punch, so does his brother but Fury already took care of that. Anyway, back to Raw. Paul is bizarrely good at pro-wrestling. He’s a natural heel and his mic skills have improved with each appearance. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Miz inserted as special referee for this mania match. Overall, great segment to me.

I’m still in shock Brock Lesnar agreed to this match with Omos. I’m on the optimistic side that this match will be decent. Jeez I completely forgot Ziggler was still on the roster. I don’t know what to make of Mustafa Ali-on one hand he’s talented and I’m happy to see him on TV, but on the other hand, this feels like he was put on a dead end street of a story. It gave me more pleasure than I’d care to admit to watch Ziggler get destroyed in less than a minute.

Maximum Male Models, the favorite of a certain close friend of the podcast who shall remain nameless…for now. Hearing “girth” on WWE TV makes me uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable, here is Corbin trying to become a male model. Like Deuce Bigelow trying to join Eddie Griffith’s He-Bitch Man stable.

The Jey hiatus becoming Jimmy’s problem is a good manipulation by Roman. He’s a great toxic family member.

This Gargano music blows. I’d like the old one back please. Let’s see if he can get into some meaningful stories not involving Lumis stealing swag from the merch stand. He and Balor have had good matches in NXT, I’m hopeful for this match. Good match, I like Edge costing him the match. I can’t wait for these guys to lock up again at mania. Maybe it’s Hell in a Cell?

I hate these Saudi shows, but I am happy to see the KOTR/QOTR tournament be revived as a proper PPV.

I like Nikki Cross, her work in NXT was wonderful. I think people just don’t get her given so many gimmick changes so it’s been difficult to get invested, but here is to hoping this current iteration is here for a while.

I want a rock n’ roll play off between Boogs and Elias-Guitar Hero style with star power, crowd meter and everything.

Yes, Becky G aka the Yellow Ranger from the Power Rangers movie will be singing America the Beautiful. May the power protect her.

I might’ve misread it, but I could swear I saw tears well up in Cena’s eyes talking about Stu during his entrance. This dude has reached legend status, bald spot and all. That Cena/Theory promo segment was great. Theory needed this kind of challenge in a boss-level promo like Cena. Great ending to that promo. Cherish the few times we’ll have left of Cena being in the ring, the road is winding down.

This Raw has been very good.

Sami is a man on a mission to redeem himself for his blindness placing so much stock in the approval of the Bloodline.

Ok, Corbin gets a gold star for using a Canadian backbreaker, haven’t seen someone use that move in a long time. Gable has potential to be a big star. I’ll get killed for this but I see lots of Kurt in him, his charisma grew over time, physical ability through the roof too. Time will tell.

I did not have Lita, Trish being involved in a major story for WrestleMania on my wrestling bingo card in 2023. I liked this segment, it didn’t have as much crowd involvement as I would be hoped for, but I think this will be a good match regardless. Bayley is a good heel. She’s so comfortable in this role. I wonder what is going to happen with the tag titles before this match, will they drop it to Shayna and Ronda? Let’s see.

Well, ask and you shall receive-Chelsea gets a match with Bianca next week. Should be a good match. Green is so good with her character work you forget she’s very talented in-ring.

Real solid main event match. Sami and Jimmy had such a bond during his time in the Bloodline, but this story shows that Jimmy was arguably as disingenuous as Roman in their acceptance of Sami. He knew all along what would happen at the first sign of apprehension to fall in line. They’re really leaning into picture-in-picture? I’m convinced this is an answer to AEW, who does this for every show. Back to the show-even knowing that kick was coming from Jey, it doesn’t make it less heartbreaking. Having Cody making the save of Sami is a great call, and solidifies the transition of Cody as the main protagonist of this story now. Sami will also get his revenge, mania is shaping up to be a reckoning for the Bloodline.

Very good show overall, looking forward to the next few weeks of build towards WrestleMania.

As usual, sound off in the comments below or on the socials. Keep on struttin’ jabronis.

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