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Image by Martin Kníže

The Hosts

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Strutting From Gorilla Crew.

Below are the 4 men in their 30's bringing to you there takes on wrestling through the decades. But more than anything they love to talk about the finest times of yesteryear

(AKA the Golden Years of Professional Wrestling) and bring to you the best takes they can come up with.


 Top 2 (Left: Big Vito; Right: Mango)

 Bottom 2 (Left: Mikey Cash; Right: Leader)


Big Vito


Hailing from parts unknown Big Vito brings to you the finest insight in sports entertainment. Just ask him. 

Mango is the man on the microphone setting the tone at the beginning of every episode and the man that will always bring the cheddah. No one can do it bettah.

Mikey Cash

The historian of the crew. Mikey Cash brings to you his insight on the art of wrestling  and looks into the psychology of what it takes to be the best there is, the best the was, and the best there ever will be.


Bobby Stone is the so called "producer" who really doesn't do much at all. You may even find him falling a sleep from time to claiming that he is listening to the Gorilla Crew.

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