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Two Cents Review of All In London

It's been too long since the last time I gave my two cents on a show, and what better time to get back in the game than for AEW's first London PPV! Let's get into it.

Started with Zero Hour-first time in years I actively watched the pre-show for any pro wrestling event.

MJF and Adam Cole vs Aussie Open for ROH Tag Team Titles

Did not see that title change coming. Would have sworn there'd be a betrayal by one of em. Maybe they'll save that for the main event later on. We'll see.

HUGE deal just now showing Mercedes Moné in the crowd just now. That's a great sign for her potential work with AEW. Hoping for a story with Saraya, don't forget that she was involved in the match where Saraya sustained the career ending neck injury...

Jack Perry vs Hook for FTW Championship

Jack Perry and Hook had a fun hardcore bout. Perfect length and IMO the right guy won. Perry can move along here to maybe TNT next as he establishes this character.

Just reading the news about the fight backstage with, you guessed it, CM Punk. Almost a year to the day of the last backstage brawl he was involved in. Oye.

Now the main show begins.

I like the stage design. The tunnel makes for a nice effect.

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe for the "Real" World Title

Good open to have Joe and Punk for Real World Title. Nice bookend to the main event later tonight. Maybe Punk and MJF could be something to revisit down the line.

What a good match. I really enjoyed that, I liked the physicality of it, and shocked they pulled off that Pepsi Plunge finish. Let's see whats next for Punk now that he and Joe are likely done.

Next up

Hangman Page, Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega vs Bullet Club Gold and Takeshita

I enjoyed that match more than I thought I would. Most of these guys really came away from this shining sans Juice and Hangman to me. I think that tandem spot with Hangman and Omega was cool. Big win for Takeshita and furthers the story with Callis with his guy getting the big win. Let's see if Callis Fam gets another win later tonight.

Next up

FTR vs Bucks for AEW Tag Team Titles

Yeah I'm out on the Bucks musical intro. This is awful. Just get to your real theme.

Sidebar, is JR alright?

Fantastic rubber match between these two. It was very well done, really showcased why these guys are seen as two of the best in tag team wrestling. There were some spots of miscommunication between the Bucks that I found particularly interesting. I wonder if there's anything to read from that or if it's a tin foil hat thought.

Next up

Stadium Stampede match BCC and Santana/Ortiz vs Eddie Kingston, Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, and Penta

Schiavone in for JR at the table. Hope it's planned and not due to anything serious.

This was, as expected, a car wreck of a match. I can't always get into these and it was the case for a good portion of this one. That is, until Sue pulled up in the van. Love Sue. Regardless of my personal preference, I think the ole Funker was smiling down watching the bunkhouse mayhem those guys brought.

Next up

Toni Storm vs Britt Baker vs Saraya vs Hikaru Shida for the Women's Championship

Nice entrance for Saraya. Must mean a lot for her to get that moment her family who have such a legacy in the UK wrestling scene.

So happy for Saraya. This is a feel good moment for her after the journey she's had. I think this match wasn't anything we haven't seen, but I felt they held it down, all four are very good wrestlers and the story of match was all about Saraya and Toni. Shame that DMD and Shida didn't feel like a focus at all, but now we have an idea where we're headed as Excalibur mentions Mercedes Moné being present. This is only the beginning.

Next up

Coffin match Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage vs Darby Allin and Sting.

I couldn't get into this one at all. Respect to all the guys, but this did nothing for me. Good for Darby and Sting getting the win though.

Up next

Will Ospreay vs Chris Jericho

I get the appeal of the crowd singing along to Judas, but man I have nothing but disdain whenever Jericho has Fozzy do a live performance at a wrestling show.

Ok so the announcing changes are scheduled. I can dig that. Each bring a different skill to the table.

Really glad Ospreay won this match. I think he needed this win, and Jericho is now able to focus on the inevitable Sammy rivalry. Jericho did look gassed out but I think he also might've been slightly concussed early on when Ospreay landed on his head outside. Hope he's good.

I kind of like that AEW and WWE get into these tit for tats with each other about sellouts. Keep it going guys.

I honestly forgot about this match. Whoops.

House of Black vs The Acclaimed

This match feels pointless to me. I'm fatiguing here at this point in the show. I get wanting Acclaimed on the show, they're a great act, but this title change could've been on Rampage.

Here we go, main event time

MJF vs Adam Cole for the AEW Title

This did not disappoint. It surprised me, I(like everyone else) could swear one of these guys would betray the other. Lot of dramatic spots to drive home the story of these two friends with the desire to win. I'm really interested to see MJF and Cole fight The Kingdom for the tag titles, seems like that's the next step of this story. The crowd was sent home happy and this was an overall good show. Cool to see them returning next year...might need to book an SFG trip soon.

That's all for now, keep on Struttin jabronis.

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