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Two Cents Review: March 10 SmackDown and Rampage

Starting off with Heyman welcoming the returning Jey Uso back into the Bloodline fold. Jey has a serious aura right now, and we’ll find out what he’s thinking later tonight. I chuckled when Jimmy called Cody nosy.

First match of the night is the 5 way to determine the IC title match for WrestleMania. I can’t help but feel as though none (with the exception of LA Knight) of the guys in this match have much traction going in the match. McIntrye maybe, but he’s been floating around semi-tagging with Sheamus, then fighting Sheamus. Karrion Kross has been trying, I like his entrance but something isn’t translating to the audience. I don’t know what it is. I would love him to get back to the level of success he saw in NXT…if I had a nickle for every time I’ve said that about someone on the main roster I’d still be in crushing student loan debt, but I digress. Woods being involved is a nice little surprise. He and Kofi are getting a little stale in the New Day act. Might be time for some refreshing. LA Knight has the most momemtum coming into this., and the crowd is starting to get behind the YEAH he does. I dig it.

The German-Superplex spot was very cool. I also stand corrected-the crowd loves Sheamus beating the hell of a guy’s chest. I’m not a fan of that ending. Where TF did the second ref come from?

Kayla Braxton is in the realm of Renee Paquette in terms of likeability in my book. Her and Heyman have good chemistry, I loved them together on Talking Smack.

This is a great choice, I’m curious how this effects his match with Dom at mania. Will he be retiring? We’ll see. Interesting approach as Rey continues to be quiet when Dom dresses him down. Curious when we finally get the announcement for this match. I like LDF, they’re very talented and I like Santos Escobar a lot. He’s already a veteran in the business and carries himself like it. Zelina also needs some time to shine a little, despite winning QOTR last year she still hasn’t been whole since separating from Andrade in my eyes. Good match overall, competitive. That was good, I stood corrected, it seems like we’re seeing a little movement with Rey dodging Dom’s attack. Also throwing your gum at someone is the height of rudeness, my dad would not have stood for that.

Cool announcement for Backlash, first time they have a PPV in Puerto Rico ever and Bad Bunny just loves wrestling. I can’t wait for my fellow host Vito’s reaction to this. Also, keep transitioning the PPVs to Saturdays I love that. Long overdue.

Don’t hate me here but I have absolutely no interest in the Braun/Rocochet tag match. Best part of the match is Braun missing his running train move and crashing into the table.

Ok That McIntyre and Sheamus match should be a solid hard-hitting bout.

Say what you want about Charlotte, but she carries herself like a real pro. Exudes champion. Eh, Shotzi. Okay. Nasty german to Shotzi. Rhea doing her best Nelson Muntz impression pointing and laughing at Charlotte. Passionate promo but I want a little physicality here so good job building my anticipation for them to lock it up.

I know this Jey Uso promo is serious, but as soon as he says “What would you do?” My instinct is to finish that line with “If your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor” from the City High song. Sorry, back to the Bloodline. This promo still makes it seem as thought Jey was trepidatious to rejoin the Bloodine, but joined out of obligation to the family. Sacrificing what he might really want to do for what he thinks he “should” do. I like Cody taking the prominent role here as he should, and being a nice babyface helping out Sami. I see this eventually transitioning to the reunion of KO and full on focus from Cody to Roman.

After this show, I think I figured out a sure fire way to win some money with the proposal of betting on pro wrestling moving forward-bet on Sami running in through the crowd, and for Jon Moxley to bleed. You’ll be rolling in cash in no time.

AEW Rampage

Jesus Andretti was dropped on his head with that “DDT” from Guevara. Athleticism is great however this match is just moves for the sake of moves. It’s white noise to me. I’m also aware how fickle I am. Talk to me next week, and I’ll love this match. Today I’m grouchy though so deal with it.

Garcia has the making of a big star to me. Plus, he’s doing Rock proud with the great form of that Rock Bottom maneuver.

Been a while since I saw Darby. He’s always interesting when he’s on the screen. I cant tell if that’s a sign he’s finishing up?

Good for JungleBoy. Done with Christian and now moving towards one of the 17 titles AEW has to offer.

I wonder if Billy Gunn imagined he’d be a part of another successful group whose gimmick is innuendo. Kind of remarkable to go 2 for 2 like that. Good for him. Quick squash, not bad.

Takeshita is a wonderful wrestler. He has great support from the crowd. Preston is finding his way too breaking away from Dark Order. I’m starting to like Jose The Assistant the more I see him. That discus lariat was sweet. Great win for Takeshita.

It’s strange seeing Mark without Jay. Sensible move to get new ROH tag champs and name it in homage to Jay. I might need to buy the event. Lucha Bros are one of my favorites. They’re an example of wrestlers who are known for the high flying moves, but it’s complimented by the structure and storytelling within their matches. Other wrestlers take notes.

I don’t understand why AEW won’t commit to Ethan Page. That guy is money.

This matchup is an interesting choice to the main event. I don’t hate it, just interesting. Riho will always be a fan-favorite in AEW. She was their first women’s champion and should always be treated with respect as a foundation of the division. Nyla’s knee drop from the top always looks devastating. Good for Riho. Can’t help but feel for Nyla. Unclear to me why she hasn’t had the dominance in this division that she could. The women’s nWo comes out and spray paints Riho, setting her up to join whatever make shift team fights them next. They need different color spray paint, the green doesn’t look good and you barely tell they’re painting and “L”. Overall solid Rampage.

Good Friday night of wrestling all around. Build for Mania staying on track, and Rampage had a decent show. As usual, sound off in the comments and the socials. Keep struttin’ jabronis.

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