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WWE SmackDown and AEW Rampage Reactions-Mikey Cash's Two Cents


Wow that Gunther and Ricochet match was off the charts. Their wrestling styles meshed very well together. The fans have really got behind ricochet since HHH took over. He's been given really great stuff to sink his teeth into, vesting more depth than just an athletic wrestler. Gunther continues to look like a stud. If those rumors about him and Brock are true for Mania...I'm sold.

Liv Morgan really impressed me. She has my vote for most improved female wrestler. Her ring work look much better, she's telling stories with her expressions and I like her selling style.

I'm interested to see if roads lead back to Dakota and Tegan Nox given the history (also mentioned on commentary). I want to withhold judgment until I get more time to see what they do. Overall very good tag match.

Woof that Top Dolla spot. I read his leg gave out and I hope he's not injured, but damn maybe it's a lesson for wrestlers to pick your spots...pun intended.

Bray and LA Knight segment: unlike what I've read, I don't think this is making Knight look better than Wyatt. His mic skills are good enough to weather this talk-heavy build and thank god they are. I think despite the fans still appearing invested, there's unrest as we all await an actual match to take place. Is Uncle Howdy real?! Or a ruse to throw us off the scent of Wyatt?! Time will tell.

The Cena surprise was a legitimate surprise to me, despite the announcement he'd be at the SmackDown on Dec 30. I think it should be a fun match to check out, and I'm sure won't hurt ratings for a holiday break show, which notoriously gets lower than average viewers. I appreciate the small developments in the Sami/KO/Bloodline story. Little details stand out, like the verbiage Sami uses during his promo, then quickly corrects himself for Roman's approval. That is a little hope spot that Sami still cares for Owens after all their years together, and plants the seed that perhaps Kevin is also not "done" with Sami as he said a few weeks ago. I'll say this, for the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to a holiday week edition of a WWE show.


Moxley and Guevara had a banger. I still don't see anything in Sammy that moves me, but he can put on a good match bouncing all over the ring like he does. Once again, Mox bleeds. Tale as old as time with him., but I did like the added detail of the cause being his earring getting ripped out. The kiss with the blood was gross though.

I'm like the rest of the masses here and really love FTR. I love how organically they got over with the fans. People will always recognize authenticity and respond to it. Now just beat dem Ass boys.

A Saraya sighting. Need more of that on AEW TV.

Britt and Skye Blue had a solid match. Blue is improving in-ring each time I see her. I love how Rebel is a forever goon for Britt. She'd make Patterson and Brisco proud.

The fans love Jamie Hayter. Her and Shida are going to tear the house down next week. I hope we continue to see more investment to the women's division. I still maintain AEW has an allergy to giving the women's division more than one match and/or segment per episode of Dynamite/Rampage. It's arguably their biggest flaw in my eyes.

Wardlow is boring. His finishing move is more over than he is.

I liked this main event more than I expected to. I love Best Friends, the hug spot is a favorite of mine. Gotta give the people what they want. Kip Sabian is a future TNT champ. Just saying. Trent Seven looked good, I liked his little homage to fellow Mustache Mountain teammate Tyler Bate with the fake out punch. A special shout out to Penelope Ford and Allie(The Bunny) for managing to not topple over with those gigantic heels. That takes top notch core work and balance.

As usual sound off in the comments below or on the socials. Keep struttin' jabronis.

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