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Wrestling with Life: It’s a New Day

Hey guys, like everyone I have been stuck in the house with my thoughts. Some of them never need to see the light of day, so I keep them on my version of a “creed thoughts” document. Others however feel more palatable for general consumption. Considering I have copious amounts of time on my hands, I realized I couldn’t spend every waking moment reading comics and watching the entire video library of WWE Network. I never thought I would write anything remotely meaningful, but here we stand-a new day. As I feel led to I’ll throw up a piece covering some of the various aspects of life (stuff) that I wrestle with. Sometimes this will contain connections to the world of pro-wrestling. It’s an art form that has played a profound role in my life, and been alongside me during important chapters in my development as a person. Anything posted is with the intention to share personal opinions, be vulnerable, occupy my mind until I can get a haircut, and hopefully bring a small modicum of entertainment to anyone deciding to read this. Hope you enjoy. Thanks.

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