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Two Cents Reactions: New Years Edition

Just some various musings while I watched SmackDown and Rampage this week, with a brief thought on Raw from last week (Dec 19). Sorry, DVR issues so no Dynamite. As always, this is just an opinion.

Raw-Dec 19(Late I know)

Judgment Day have had a wonderful year in wrestling. None of them have any championships but all feel like big time players. The Re-emergence of Finn Balor is a thing of beauty. Dominic being the Mamacita to Rhea's Eddie is surprisingly working well. Damian Priest has impressed me as well. He finally feels like he's comfortable and has clear direction of his character. Hard to believe 6 months ago after the Edge turn, we were all worried about what this group will do without him.

No matter what, I just can't find myself invested whatsoever in this Gargano/Miz/Lumis story. Gargano is just floating around since he came back. What have we seen to get invested in this character, and more importantly what have we seen that tells us WHO he is. The sooner this story is done the better for all involved. Bronson Reed returned...ok let's see what he does.

The idea that this whole episode has revolved around the chaos of the Bloodline is intriguing and made for good TV to me. Popping up all over the place throughout the show, having matches and sending messages from the Tribal Chief. I really want to see Kevin and Roman hook it up again. Both have gotten even better since the previous ThunderDome rivalry.

Side note-just call it "Vengeance" adding "Day" feels so out of place.

I'm shocked when I heard it was 4 years since Becky and Bayley fought one on one


This already felt like a loaded show. Love Brays entrance. I changed my mind after this segment and I do think LA Knight is starting to benefit from this program after all. He plays the crowd well, and they're starting to respond to him...YEAH.

Wonder how long it takes for Uncle Howdy reveal...I have a prediction I BoLieve will come true.

I wonder what happens tonight. The work from all involved in the Bloodline have played their roles really well.

This Raquel/Ronda match was much better than I anticipated it would be. I'm real happy to be so wrong. This felt like a nice showcasing for Raquel in a gutsy but losing effort. Ronda looked legit gassed.

Well holy schnikes Charlotte has returned, and gets insta-title shot and wins. I'm curious where they go from here? Perhaps a blow off match at Rumble. Maybe this is one of the matches Triple H wants to be a Hell in a Cell match. I'd watch it. Maybe at some point this transitions Ronda and Shayna for a tag team run.

New Day have the best comedic timing. Just so good at pulling it off. Flop Dolla really got me.

I have nothing against Wade Barrett, but I'm afraid I have some bad news, I really like Pat MacAfee way more. Energy is unmatched.

I have no idea what the hell a pitch black match is going to look like.

Where the hell is Karrion Kross? There was one segment with him starting some feud with Mysterio a few weeks back, and nothing from him since. I like him a lot, so I find myself slightly unnerved by his absence on TV.

Also, it's so weird when there's a wrestler waiting in the ring for a match and they air a 10 minute video. That must be a seventh circle of hell kind of annoying.

Man, Braun garners no interest from me. If he's a monster then I'd let him kill me so I didn't have to listen to him cut these god awful promos anymore.

I'm pulling for Imperium all the way here. I hope he doesn't lose the IC title to Strauman. Dear Lord Michael Scott please don't let it happen.

I like that Top Dolla not being able to get over the top rope just turned from a great shame to now a great strategy to win the Rumble. Only in wrestling.

Damn, it's been a minute since Cena's music rang out in an arena. Awesome energy tonight having him back.

Not to be outdone Reigns entrance is just badass to me. The swagger is off the charts.

The match has big time vibes. Crowd is legit hot for it. I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd ever hear the crowd "we want Cena" without the "Cena sucks" chant immediately after. What a time to be alive.

Overall good match, crowd was hot for it, which always adds to the match. Now that the first domino has fallen with Sami taking the loss let's see how the rest fall with the Bloodline. Intriguing.


God help me, but Paul Wight adds zero to me on commentary. Why are there 4 people on the booth for a one hour show? I'll never understand this choice.

I popped for the Trent dive-turned-hug between him and Chuck.

I get the storyline reason for this match. The spirit of competition among friends, to test their grit despite the friendship, just not my preference. Weird mind games. How can one distraction be the straw that breaks the camel's back for Trent and Oranges friendship? Questionable. It seems from the ending that Kip is now positioning himself as a contender for the All Atlantic Championship.

Darby delivers one line in a promo and I can't get that old POD song out of my head, "I feel so alive" god I'm old.

I can't tell if Kip looks like Jack Skeleton or Beetlejuice with this gear.

I'm just gonna keep calling him Preston Vance.

I love him, but there was nothing intimidating about anything Moxley said in that promo. Feels like he's been on repeat the last few promos.

Love Keira Hogan. She was great in Impact. As always Jade comes out looking like money. I like that Jade has tension even with her allies, I wonder if they'll break her away from "baddies" soon and have run solo.

Good match, so is Velvet fighting Jade now?

I have no idea who Saraya's partner is going 5o be January 11.

Ugh enough with these nothing factions, "Varsity Athletes" can get off my screen. Even if I like fellow long islander Tony Nese.

Every time I hear Swerve on the mic, I'm reminded how badly Hit Row misses him as their lead.

Yuta continues to impress me. Real solid worker, and I enjoy his style of selling throughout a match.

Good win for Swerve coming out of his turn on Lee. Looking forward to seeing where 2023 takes Swerve. I'm hoping for singles gold.

Ok jabronis, you know the drill. Sound off in the comments or on the socials. Have a safe and happy New Year.

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