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Two Cents Reaction: Go-Home Raw Before Elimination Chamber

Here’s some knee jerk reactions to the February 13th edition of Raw. All opinion, that is a fact.

Shout out to a longtime supporter and friend of the podcast, Mike B who was in attendance for the show. You lucky son of a gun. One more for the Brian Daboll doppelganger in the front row. Let’s go Giants.

One year later, Becky Lynch’s hair has finally regained it’s former glory. Praise be.

Interesting way to settle the EC spot for Becky and Bayley. So, this will be a 7-Woman EC? This also puts Bianca into the spotlight, as it seems she’s been lost in the shuffle in the build to this match.

I cant get enough of Dom bragging about doing hard time for an afternoon in a county jail. It has no diminishing returns for me.

Love the Street Profits, Montez Ford is a future champion. Remember that folks.

I like WWE trying to incorporate picture-in-picture during commercial breaks. I see it as an AEW calling card of their presentation and it’s interesting to see them trying their hand at it. Whether it’s them or AEW, I have the attention span of a fly so I wind up watching the commercials, but I digress. I love Dom getting his ass kicked by Beth before Rhea makes the save. Looking forward to Rhea and Beth sharing a ring this weekend. First time we’re starting to see a more consistent flow of veteran women’s wrestlers into the WWE roster (Beth, Lita). About damn time.

Contract signing with cowboy Brock and Bobbly Lashley. I can’t see how this can deteriorate. Also, Adam Peirce having a busy night. He might be my favorite authority figure because he is useless. Andy Bernard level of uselessness in a manager role. Good lord, the “security” got destroyed by Brock, that’s not a gig I’d ever want. I like Lashley finally getting the upper hand as Lesnar tends to dominate their segments.

So glad she goes by Piper Niven again, that Doudrop BS needed to go.

The Baron Corbin experiment seems to finally be coming to end. Thankfully.

What’s the deal with this crowd, they seems flat for a Brooklyn crowd.

Great segment with Cody and Sami. I think it makes sense for Sami to seek reassurance from Cody. He spent the last 9 months seeking approval and assurance from the Bloodline, that way of operating is hard to break. It’s his biggest match in his career as well. This isn’t just motivated by wanting a championship, this is a deeply personal match that happens to be for the major title. Sami’s character is so complex, I love it.

Give me more evil Asuka. Dominant. The rest of the people in this match feel inconsequential to me.

I don’t really feel anything from this Bronson Reed/Mustafa Ali match except it must’ve sucked landing sideways across that office chair. Next level lumbar discomfort.

I have to be honest, over the years Miz has done less and less for me when he’s on the screen. Tonight is no exception. Seth is great overall, but he’s floating around each week. People largely get lost in his gimmick of having every sing his song(my podcast co-host raises the idea this is stolen from Nakamura’s gimmick), but back to the task at hand. There’s irony in Seth saying Logan Paul only wants attention while wearing Mickey Mouse boots. Why is Austin Theory dressed like Grayson Waller?

Rick “Freddy Mercury” Boogs.

Hear me out, but I LOVE Chelsea Green. Loved her work with Deonna Purazzo at Impact, with Matt Cardona at NWA and so far I like this iteration of her character. She’ll be money, just watch. Has talent and character-work experience that will serve her well in the Triple H era.

Good triple threat match. Again, with picture-in-picture commercial breaks. Wow, I guess being in prison doesn’t keep the Cristley show from airing. Only in America. I’m always astounded by the power and talent of Bianca Belair. One of these days she can be a great heel, running through the division. I didn’t expect that result. Glad this isn’t a 7-woman EC. Now, where do Bayley and Becky go from here? I’m telling you once again (I said this on the most recent episode-CHECK IT OUT) that Bayley and Becky should culminate in a HIAC at mania. Maybe I’ll get my wish. Let’s see.

Ok jabronis, you know the drill. Sound off in the comments or on the socials.

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