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This Royal Rumble will be different

The Royal Rumble. The time of year that always excites a wrestling fan. Every year this event comes around and like the spring season, signifies a resurgence of energy. It is the opening ceremony for Wrestlemania. Yet, every year much like spring training in baseball, the aura wears away quickly. The actual build up to the event out performs the show.

This year will be different. This year we have a lot of great storylines and a multitude of wrestlers that could win! Will it be Cody Rhodes? Sami Zayn? Seth Rollins? Will the Rock actually shock the world and make his return to take his seat at the head of the table at Wrestlemania? So many great questions and so many possible out comes. Here is my bold prediction for you. This year the rumble will not disappoint. This year the Rumble will live up to expectations and this year we will be going into Wrestlemania excitement and great payoffs.

I know the question you are all asking yourself here. Why are you so sure Big Vito? Well, I have been pleasantly surprised with Triple H’s product. While not perfect, he has created a better culture in the locker room and look at the outcome. The storylines and wrestling characters have been consistent. Just look at Sami Zayn! This was such an organic rise and they have rolled with it. Unlike in the past when it didn’t “fit the agenda”. If the Rock does not show up to the Rumble, a Sami Zayne / Roman Reigns main event with Sami winning would still give an unbelievable payoff to this year

long story.

This year wrestling fans, keep the faith and prepare for a Wrestlemania season to surpass many of the rest! Vito out!

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