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Mikey Cash's Two Cents: NXT Deadline Thoughts

These are some knee jerk reactions while I watched NXT Deadline over the weekend.

The iron survivor match is a good concept in action. I wasn't sure what to expect. It has some of the cooler elements of a King of the Mountain(Impact), 6 pack challenge, iron man, and a championship scramble match. I could see them eventually bringing this to the main roster.

Roxanne Perez with a great moment. Must've been so cool for her to do this with Booker T watching on, who trained her. The emotion from Booker T was heart warming. Now she’s on to Mandy Rose for a Women’s Title match. I wonder if they decide to finally end her year plus reign? Guess we’ll find out.

What’s this business with Tatum and Ivy Nile? Just put Diamond Mine out of it's misery. Poor group has been in flux from the very beginning. Roddy deserved better after Undisputed Era. Rant over.

I liked Isla dawn back in NXT UK, Alba too. I miss her going by Kay Lee Ray. I can't fully get into this Fyre character. Feels too much of a departure for her. She's so good in-ring though.

Small detail but it's nice the referees have names again. They were transparent for years, felt like they were living embodiments of their video game versions for a while.

I love New Day. Pretty Deadly are a team growing on me. They're a solid "sport entertainment" duo, and in a good way. It might take time for them to reach levels near other similar teams like New Day, but they could. I'm a fan of the win for New Day I just wonder where they go now. Maybe they lose on Raw in a special spotlight match for an NXT team? Time will tell.

Time for the men's Iron Survivor match. One thing I didn't realize until this match is the timer counts up towards 25 minutes, instead of the typical countdown. I like that touch.

Axiom is very talented, but this guy does nothing for me. I liked JD in NXT UK, and he's had some decent stuff to do since coming to the US. I could see him winning the North American title in 2023.

Damn I love Carmelo Hayes. He does not miss. Guy has great balance of the performer aspect and natural ring skills. Grayson Waller too. Dude is a natural heel. He'll have a great face run one day once everyone transitions from "loving to hate him" to just loving him. Axiom keeping JD in the penalty box is stupid psychology. Halfway through the match and you have ZERO pinfalls, bro you need to get his ass in the ring.

...Ok I stand corrected. Quick 2 falls for him.

I like Gacys new gear.

I wanted Melo to win this, but Waller is a nice consolation prize win. I wonder if they test the waters and have him in the big one in NXT.

Damon Kemp has the charisma of a cardboard box. Good god.

Lyra Valkyria should be interesting. She's had tons of name changes though.

It always makes me both sad and mad to see guys who got little time of day on the main roster feel like serious contenders once they return to NXT. I dub it "The Balor Effect".

I enjoyed this match very much. I think this was one of Breakkers best matches since he debuted. He was pushed by Apollo and he delivered. He showed resilience in this battle. I liked Apollo strategizing for Bron. He had to change up his own style to match the threat that Bron brings to the table. I thoroughly enjoyed the the pacing of this match. Bron continues to grow as a main event player.

And now we're on to Waller before the show goes off air. Lets go.

As with previous articles, if you agree or disagree, sound off below or find us on the socials and let me know what you thought of the show. Keep struttin’ jabronis.

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