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Mikey Cash’s 2 Cents: Various Thoughts on WWE/AEW/NXT


Damn the Usos are good. I see why they one top tag team of the year. The dynamic with Sami clicking as they build to the eventual turn. Being told to shave and get a haircut cracked me up for some reason.

Love LA Knight, I worry this thing with Bray isn't the best first choice for his main roster rivalry. Hard to imagine Bray losing here and I think LA Knight needs a little momentum before this feud but here we are. Hopefully he comes out with minimal character injury.

LDF is the tag team I want to see get a spotlight coming into 2023. They were fantastic in NXT. I still Elektra Lopez as their manager, but Zelina Vega is a great manager to have. She's natural. I wish they'd let LDF have a segment or a match that isn't interrupted by another story. That happened twice in the same hour. Come on man.

I just do not feel Viking Raiders. I appreciate the hustle but they have not come close to their success in NXT, there was so much damage done.

I really miss Imperium's old music. Way more intimidating than their current version. Maybe they didn't want any more public domain music after Bryan Danielson.

I got a little sad when I saw New Day come out in their Power Ranger gear. RIP Jason David Frank.

New day are such pros. They've transitioned to the veteran legacy team helping get less established teams over. Crowd still loves them. Also cool to see them pulling double duty down in NXT as they face off against Pretty Deadly at the NXT Deadline PLE.

"Have you ever watched wrestling?" "Good point."

Great exchange, it was a funny way to be self-aware of the genre.

Dug the segment with Kross' and Mysterio. I find this more intriguing than his work with McIntyre already. I think it's more about my love for Mysterio than my disinterest in McIntrye.

The 50th reboot of Lacey Evans. Yawn. They won't let go of the Marine piece of her character. I have tin foil hat theories about this being a push from their network, Fox-but that's two cents for another time.

I continue to like Ronda and Shayna together. Eventually it could be a great rivalry. For now, I like them teaming. Ronda looked much better this week. Albeit the match was short, Tegan also looked good in her first showing since returning. I thought Raquel coming out was a good move, gives her a "heart of a lion" to come out while injured and still want to fight Ronda. With Shotzi seemingly injured I wonder who Ronda defends against at the Rumble.

Why can't Kurt Angle always get this kind of treatment when he's back on TV?! SmackDown has always felt more like Kurt's home than Raw. He had many great years on the blue brand. They did a nice job of paying tribute to Angle-I liked Jason Jordan giving him a #1 dad gift. The Alpha Academy is growing on me. They have legit wrestling acumen plus they’re entertaining. Look out for them next year to be contenders on SmackDown. The milk truck was a fun homage to one the most famous acts in his career. Overall good show, it's true. It's true.


Trios match was Jades best showing as a big threat of a heel. I'm continually impressed with her improvements. Cause ya know, I'm such an athlete (he says with the smoothness of sand paper). Sky blue and red velvet looked great. Much crisper movement. Improvement abounds for all in the match.


Kiana Jade is pretty good. Ivy Nile is missing a little something. NXT is perfect place for her to grow.

Womens’ tag champs just don't connect with me at all. They try really hard. I respect it, but I just can't see it.


Takeshita is a helluva talent. He could be a nice addition to the mid title picture in AEW. Crowd organically behind this guy.

One of Moxleys better technical bouts. Wouldn't be a Mox match without some crowd fighting and of course...blood. I have mixed feelings on his reliance on blood in 9/10 of his matches. I understand he has certain calling cards, like all wrestlers, but I can't help but wish he would lessen it here and there. It can make a match feel special when done in rarity but again I get Mox has his style and blood is a staple within it. Regardless of my opinion, we can all agree the match kicked major ass.

Side bar: I would pay to read Takeshita's graduate thesis on the German Suplex. It could be fascinating.

Hangman and Mox have nice fight chemistry. They're made to fight each other in my book.

Stockley Hathaway cracks me up

Shida and Bunny put on a very nice match. As usual I think the world of Shida. I hope one day to see her as a champ in AEW again. She offers so much talent to that roster that I, for one, think has been overlooked for quite some time.

The Firm reminds of The Union faction back in 1999. Just some dudes together and it doesn't really make any sense. Don't see it staying together long.

I'm so done with ROH within AEW. Just do something with it already. It's such an annoying disruption to the world AEW tries to build on Dynamite and Rampage.

Cool to see Trent Seven again, I miss Mustache Mountain. They were a fun team.

That’s my two cents, sound off in the comments or on the socials. Later jabronis.

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